Believing that the court ruling puts an end to the family conflict is one of the common mistakes that couples often make during and after divorce and that it violates the rights of children and adolescents.

This project is born as a result of a family situation experienced in the first person. And it is that in all processes of divorce, separation or marriage annulment crises can arise that lead to family conflict.

The professionals who have collaborated throughout the development of this platform are from the family sphere and come from mediation, psychology, social work, pedagogy, law, parenting coordination, …

All of them have met, at a given moment with a lack of resources to carry out a good accompaniment in the pre and post divorce stages. There are various manifestations affirming that the sector needs tools to improve parental skills and to serve as a bridge between parents and professionals. There are more and more qualified people to work for and to guarantee the best treatment for children and adolescents, as well as older people with dependencies.

For all these reasons, Goparent brings together professionals who have the necessary knowledge and experience to lay the foundations for positive parenting and ensure the well-being of their sons and daughters. At the same time, we believe in teamwork and shared knowledge, developing continuous evaluation systems for professional excellence together with personal values.

Accompaniment in the pre and post divorce stages.

Improvement and support in parenting skills.

Optimization of time and resources.

Assistance from the best professionals in the family environment.

Goparent is an App developed with a social vocation, it is important to note that we have considered these families with
limited resources who cannot access it due to their economic situation but who want to be users of it.


Our purpose is to offer a scenario of fulfillment of the rights of children and adolescents thanks to the absence of family conflict.