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Goparent offers family professionals an innovative approach with which to manage their cases effectively.
It is a tool that simplifies communication with family members in a safe and confidential way. Through your mobile terminal or from your PC.

From a single platform, you can access the conversations of the messaging service, the emails received,… Everything is registered and ordered chronologically to facilitate revisions whenever you want.
In addition, Goparent allows you to manage files quickly and at any time from mobile devices or PC.
Being part of Goparent gives you the opportunity to assist families when they require it, since they can request your services at a certain time.
You will have a system that allows you to analyze interventions for their evaluation and improvement, as well as the accompaniment of other professionals.

Shared documentation

In order for you to present GOPARENT to your clients, we provide you with a constantly updated website, a blog with monthly entries, as well as a PDF with information on the benefits of the platform and how it can be used.

Preserving from conflict

With the GOPARENT communication method, children are preserved from family conflict, freeing them from being carriers of messages and from the stress resulting from the bad relationship between their parents. On the other hand, they can be given access to certain information that will be beneficial to them and they will feel included in the family dynamics from positive parenting.


Avoid having an inbox saturated with emails since you will have a simple way with a clear view of each of the messages received from your users.
You will have a streamlined dashboard to view the statuses of all pending, active, and past customer accounts.

You will have the opportunity to receive requests for professional access, offer accounts for your clients and share the evolution of the goals set out in the agreed agreements.
Notifications can be customized for each family, so when you receive a notification, you will know which family it is, which is active at that moment
This professional entry allows you to observe the interactions of family members, such as how to manage expenses, messaging, event information, requests to change guard days… You will find all this organized in such a way that you will be able to optimize your time.



When the family members give you access to their account, you will be able to review their documentation stored on the platform: reports, records, agreements, settlements, sentences, status of expenses.

Professionals resources

Visit our blog where you will find essential documents for good parenting.

Indication by Court Order

Both the judiciary and legal operators or family law professionals have the opportunity to help parents to get out of the crisis caused by the breakup. Specifically, in cases of high conflict where parents have difficulties to build a relationship together and establish the new rules that will govern the shared care of the offspring, tools are available here to facilitate communication, emphasizing co-responsibility . GOPARENT supports parents in constant conflict to manage the issues of co-parenting, avoiding conflicts from the beginning. If the use of GOPARENT is indicated from a court order, parents can share fair and accurate information from that moment, leaving aside conflicts. In this way, their efforts will focus on their responsibilities, and they will have shared documentation that will give them confidence and security. We have as an example the experience of the US courts, who since 2001 instruct family professionals to download the American application, from the very moment the sentence is issued, and at the same time extend it to their clients.

With this they have managed to reduce the number of visits and repeated writings giving families the tools they need to solve parenting problems independently.

By mandating the use of the APP toolkit, courts also potentially shorten caseloads and minimize the number of repeat visits. On the other hand, thanks to the registry of stored information, any case that comes back to court will be much easier to evaluate.

Family operators who already master the APP will have the opportunity to give access to both parents. They will then be able to Set up parent entries such as shared care hours, expense categories and covenant agreements, plus Send and receive messages with both parents View account activity from both perspectives View detailed log-in histories Similarly, if you are a single parent or connect with only one parent, you will also be able to Send and receive messages with that parent View account activity from that parent’s perspective View detailed login histories from that same parent Ordained in all 50 US states. Hundreds of family law judges and magistrates in all 50 US states and 6 Canadian provinces are mandating families with contested cases to use a similar platform. The reason is simple: families who use this American APP they don’t go back to court as often, or don’t do it again. In the event that parents return to court, family law courts will have access to accurate documentation of parental activity. Disputes will be avoided by discussing each other’s perceptions.

Our purpose is to offer a scenario of fulfillment of the rights of children and adolescents thanks to the absence of family conflict.